Obsessed with mega collaborations.


Duets and Collaborations I love.

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Sometimes great artists get together and what we get is a song with their distinctive sounds melding together into something bigger than the sum of its parts. Sometimes the collaboration is a duet, while other times there are three or more artists that get together. I see that happening with rap artists more than any other genre. As the first video I post is Lighters by Bruno Mars Featuring Eminem, I have mentioned my obsession with Eminem is a long standing one.

Bruno Mars featuring Eminem

Monster by Eminem is an amazing collab between Em and Rihanna. These two have the star power and talent to create very powerful lyrics conveying emotions that run the spectrum.

Eminem featuring Rihanna

The next collaboration is between Jay Z and Alicia Keys, Empire State of Mind is simply brilliant and is an amazing look at what NY is all about. Two…

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Obsessed with Eminem since I can remember.

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Eminem Eminem

This has been a long standing love affair/obsession between me and Eminen. He is an angry white dude who has so much talents and it just happens to stir things up. He has his ups and downs and then all over again. He’s friends with the monsters inside of his head as am I. So enjoy Anderson Cooper on Eminem.

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The long distance kiss.

Repost from 2007

She blew him a kiss
It was shaped like her lips
He caught it with pride
For it had made quite a trip.
Over the cities
And the great sea.
A wondrous voyage
It had turned out to be.
So once it arrived
It was placed with great care
On the forehead belonging
To a most royal heir.
He smiled as he felt it
Rush through his veins.
This kiss that brought with it
The cure for his pains.

Copyright ©2007 Veronica Romm


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A relationship grows on Twitter.

When you think about it/me what do you imagine? What’s the best case scenario? Be honest please. The more honest the better.

Best case… we fall in love and have kids and live happily ever after. That’s the absolute best.


This very simple text exchange transpired yesterday. It’s pretty darn cute right, romantic even? These two excited people have known each other for close to three years. They met on twitter and there were certain topics that they are both passionate about that brought them into each others twittersphere (gun control) was a big one.

So as it goes they eventually DMd and that went well so they exchanged real life phone numbers. Skype followed after over a year. No they are NOT catfish they skype and send pics all the time.

These two live on opposite coasts. One, a real California guy through and through. The other a hard core east coast chick. Life has now created a circumstance where he is about to move to the east coast. In about 2-4months she and he will finally meet face to face.

They are such great friends and have been extremely patient in lieu of their previous circumstances. Now they are thrilled, nervous, excited, waiting for what lie ahead for them. There are no promises being made or expectations beyond meeting face to face. The friendship is strong enough to survive if the relationship does not end in the happily ever after. I wish these two all the luck in the world because they both deserve it. In terms of a relationship born on social media, these two did it really well and it’s truly authentic.

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